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Dr. Catalina Lawsin has 20 years experience supporting individuals and couples to improve their lives, their relationships and their sex lives through her clinical, academic work and research. She empowers women to find their voice and choose intentionally how they would like to own and use it.  She works from the belief that when you Live Fully, life can be challenging, so she helps women to find strength in their choices and enjoy the wave of challenges that come up as part of the bounty in their decisions. She is passionate about helping her clients live to their full potential and strengthen their relationships.

Thrive clients love Dr. Lawsin’s high energy, engaging personality, and her active investment in the success of her clients. She is direct yet kind, never judgmental. Dr. Lawsin knows you don’t live life in a bubble, so she’ll work with you and your concerns in the context of the culture, systems and norms you live and operate in. She promises to help you find a way forward that is aligned with with who you are and who you want to become.

Dr. Lawsin uses a relational therapeutic approach grounded in evidence-based cognitive behavioral (CBT) and existential theories.  Her relationship with clients is the vehicle that supports them to experience their desires, fears and boundaries in a safe, holistic, and accepting way.  

Beyond general therapy Dr. Lawsin is an authority on psycho-oncology, relationships, sex therapy, coping with major life transitions, menopause, living with chronic illness, and helping women polish off some rust and shine to live the life they want to live.

When it comes to improving your sex life, there’s nothing she hasn’t her heard or is embarrassed by. She creates a judgement-free space for clients to express and explore their sexuality in their own unique ways. She believes that each woman can embrace their sexual uniqueness and that boxes & categories often minimize the spectrum of their sexuality.

Prior to joining the Thrive Psychology Group, Dr. Lawsin was a professor and clinician at universities in the United States and abroad. She was an Associate Professor in Behavioral Sciences at Rush University Medical Center, Chicago, a Senior Lecturer in Clinical Psychology at University of Sydney, Australia, and an Assistant Professor at Baruch College, CUNY, New York.

She is a published author in numerous scientific journals and media outlets and principal investigator on numerous psychological studies, including leading a research team to address psychosexual concerns amongst cancer survivors and their partners (the first study to include same-sex attracted partners), Rekindle, and continues to build on this work.

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Dr. Lawsin holds multiple advanced degrees: 

·     Ph.D. Counseling Psychology from Colorado State University

·     Masters in Counseling Psychology from Colorado State University

·     Masters in General Psychology from The Catholic University of America in D.C.

BS from Indiana University, Bloomington, Indiana

Dr. Lawsin is licensed in multiple states and, in addition to seeing clients in person at our Thrive Beverly Hills location, she is available to provide tele-therapy to women living in Illinois and New York.

I’m action-oriented in and out of the therapy room. We will build on your unique strengths to sharpen and learn new skills to cope more effectively. I have the most energy of anyone I know and bring this energy to each and every one of my sessions. I’m a straight shooter, fostering honesty and transparency to encourage you to find and use your unique voice. While I can be fairly direct, I’m not at all judgey. I have worked with clients all over the world from so many backgrounds, I feel like a UN Ambassador (which was my career back-up plan). I embrace diversity and appreciate special ways each client shines. I practice what I preach and only use proven techniques in my work.

If you’re looking for a change, ready to choose a different path that embraces all of YOU, then we might be a great match!
— Dr. Catalina Lawsin, Ph.D.