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Dr. Rugless is a licensed clinical psychologist who feels strongly that every woman has the power and potential to be a positive force of change in her personal life, the workplace, and in her community at large.  She is passionate about helping women reach this potential and does this by building relationships rooted in respect, collaboration, and honesty.

Dr. Rugless’ clients often comment on her sharp memory for details, her seemingly endless hope, and her warm and welcoming nature. She helps her clients overcome some of life’s toughest challenges and is passionate about creating a space for her clients that allows vulnerability, openness and healing.  She empowers her clients with the tools to become their authentic self, and encourages them to grow by developing compassion for themselves, others, and life. She is naturally giving, spiritually attuned and a great listener who seeks to understand her client’s goals and provide pathways for growth.

Dr. Rugless achieves this by weaving motivational interviewing into the delivery of evidence-based therapeutic modalities such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT).  As the former primary therapist in the outpatient clinic for feeding and eating disorder at UCLA, and its founding psychologist, Dr. Rugless is well-versed in using the eating disorder variants of the above-mentioned modalities as well as modalities specific to adolescents including Family-Based Therapy (FBT) and adolescent-focused therapy (AFT).

Dr. Rugless is available to see clients in our Beverly Hills office.

Dr. Rugless is available to see clients in our Beverly Hills office.

As an experienced health psychologist, Dr. Rugless’ goal is to increase her clients’ awareness of the mind’s power over the body and the body’s unique ability to calibrate itself to the mind’s needs—also known as the mind-body connection. Dr. Rugless specializes in depression, anxiety, adjustment issues, and has the treatment of eating disorders (ARFID, Anorexia Nervosa, Bulimia, and Binge-Eating Disorder), and negative body image. Dr. Rugless is also fluent in conversational Spanish and enjoys providing bilingual services as well.