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Dr. Branda is a licensed clinical psychologist (PSY31144) who believes that every woman has the strength and ability to create positive change in her life. Dr. Branda helps women find their voice in spaces they often feel silenced. To accomplish this empowering work, Dr. Branda uses an integrative approach that focuses on building a strong therapeutic relationship in order to help each client explore challenging relational patterns in their lives, deepen self-awareness and realize change. She uses various evidence-based CBT techniques and well-established psychodynamic theories, incorporating mindfulness and acceptance-based interventions to help lead clients towards a deeper understanding of themselves and the world.

Dr. Branda’s clients love her humor, warmth, and her calm & objective nature. She creates a safe and welcoming environment filled with genuine care - one that allows her clients to share freely, and one that makes space for her clients’ personal and cultural experiences. Her clients find solace in her accepting and compassionate manner, and leave empowered to go beyond themselves.


Before pursuing her doctorate, Dr. Branda spent five years working for multiple large technology companies. Not only does her corporate experience enhance her ability to relate to the challenges women experience in the workplace, but it allows her to further support her clients’ professional long-term life and career goals.

Dr. Branda’s specialties include working with individuals suffering from depression and anxiety, survivors of relational and acute trauma, young professionals navigating career challenges, and clients with physical health concerns. She also treats couples.

She is passionate about helping women receive care for the unique needs and challenges they face in their communities, their work environments and their homes. Dr. Branda is also adept at working with mothers navigating life cycle changes and couples in premarital counseling, helping couples rebuild trust and connection as well as managing job loss and work/life balance.  

Dr. Branda holds the following academic degrees

  • B.A. in Psychology, University of California, Berkeley

  •  M.Psy. in Clinical Psychology, The George Washington University

  •  Psy.D. in Clinical Psychology, The George Washington University