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Dr. Rebecca Lesser Allen is a licensed clinical neuropsychologist and psychotherapist.

She enjoys working with women across the lifespan who are looking to strengthen, deepen, and

repair the interpersonal relationships in their lives. She is passionate about working with women

navigating life transitions, parenthood, marital and relationship conflict, complex familial

dynamics, and career stress. She also helps adolescents and young adults who are struggling with

school performance, social functioning, family and friendship conflict, and identity confusion.

She works from a trauma-informed and highly relational perspective and has experience treating

anxiety, depression, addiction, grief, trauma, psychosis, emotion dysregulation, and borderline

personality traits.


Her clients have described her as an active and astute listener. By remaining non-judgmental and

openhearted, she guides her clients to deep and productive emotional work that has the power to

elicit real change. She is both direct and empathic and has a keen ability to help individuals find

patterns and make connections. She encourages her clients to look beyond the scope of what they

see on the surface and remove invisible or unconscious barriers to growth and empowerment.

Dr. Lesser Allen’s approach to both psychotherapy and assessment is rooted in feminist and

relational theory, which is the belief that satisfying and fulfilling relationships are necessary for

one’s emotional wellbeing. Her work is informed by the study of attachment, psychodynamic

theory, DBT, and interpersonal neurobiology. She utilizes an integrated approach that empowers

clients to better understand the many factors (both internal and external) that contribute to their

distress, build on personal strengths to better their own lives and those of others, overcome and

grow from traumatic experiences, and foster self-compassion. In her work with patients, Dr.

Lesser Allen focuses on building resilience, improving communication, fostering the mind-body

connection, and strengthening perspective taking abilities.

Prior to joining Thrive Psychology Group, Dr. Lesser Allen gained extensive Neuropsychology experience as part

of the Department of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation at Cedar Sinai Medical Center, and at Yale University

School of Medicine, Department of Psychiatry, where she performed Neuropsychological and and Psychological


Dr. Lesser Allen Holds the Following Advanced Degrees

  • Doctor of Psychology, with Neuropsychology Concentration - William James College Neuropsychology.

  • B.A. in American Studies- Columbia University, Barnard College.