Life is busy and it can be hard to prioritize yourself. To make it easier, we offer:

+ Easy online scheduling and payment.

Secure, confidential, and HIPPA compliant. Schedulinng and payment can be done directly on our website. You can also reschedule or alter the length or method of therapy (online or in-office) directly online. You can also call our office to schedule, if needed.

+ In-office sessions in our Santa Monica office.

Located on Main St and Ocean Park Blvd, our office is blocks from the beach and steps from coffee shops and restaurants. Parking is abundant and cheap, so grab a tea and take a beach stroll after session.

+ Online sessions (California residents only).

Ideal for clients living outside the LA area or who travel frequently. As an alternate to your regular in-person sessions if you have a sick child, can't away from work, or are on extended summer holiday. Available to anywhere where there is wifi.

+ In-home therapy for new moms.

Those first few weeks of motherhood make it extra challenging to leave the house, but it is also a time of adjustment, rapid hormone changes, and sleeplessness. So, we want to support you through this time and give you a great foundation to start this motherhood journey.

Whether that is a one-time one hour check-in, a more intensive session, or a few weeks of housecalls, we will work with you to design something that works best for you during this important time.

Available to new mothers in the Westside area. Contact us to confirm your home is within range.

This is also an excellent gift for a spouse, in-law, or grandparent to give new parents.

+ Both traditional and intensive session formats

Traditional sessions are 50 minute sessions with frequency and duration adjustable and based on need. Some EMDR clients prefer a 90 minute format to allow time to delve in for deeply to a specific issue that week.

Intensive sessions are longer sessions that can range from 90 minutes to half-day. These are ideal for those who cannot do more regular weekly sessions due to schedules. Also, those outside the LA area who want an in-person session to tackle a specific issue or as a supplement their regular online therapy.

+ Complementary 15 minute consultation

If you'd like to speak with Dr. Ruan via phone prior to scheduling a therapy session, you can schedule a complementary 15 minute phone consult. This can be scheduled with our online scheduler or via phone.