The Secret To Thriving at Work-Dr Charlynn Ruan

If you feel exhausted at work, it's probably more about your mind than your body. Unless you do manual labor, most of us sit on our butts all day not exerting ourselves. Even though sitting is not great for our bodies, we aren't exhausted after binge watching Netflix. So why does work make you feel so bone tired?

The Grind

This exhaustion isn't physical it is from the internal grind of going against our natural inclinations, passions, and preferences all day, every day. 

If you ever met a toddler you know human beings come into this world with strong personalities and temperaments. We are just better at certain things, enjoy certain things, and thrive in certain environments. To ignore this day after day is to grind against our natural selves and makes work so much harder than it needs to be.

The Flow

So, instead of the daily grind, find your flow. What is flow? It is that state of effortless concentration you get when you do an activity you love. Time flies and you are so engrossed in what you are doing that you don’t notice the world rushing by around you. Can you think of a few things that give you flow? Painting? Jogging? Talking to a friend? Designing? It’s different for everyone and you likely have several.

The key to being energized is finding the combination of ingredients to match up your career with your passion, purpose, and personality, so you can be your best authentic self. 

If you’ve lost touch with your passion and your authentic self, it will take introspection, persistence, and a little trial and error to rediscover those things that really make you thrive.

Finding your passion will take some trial and error, but finding it and living it one of your life's great missions.

Finding your passion will take some trial and error, but finding it and living it one of your life's great missions.

The Hustle

Once you’ve found your passion, you still have to hustle. There are three types of people. 1) Those who don’t know their passion and purpose. 2) Those that know it, live it, and are throwing their energy boldly into it. 3) Those who know their passion and purpose, but don’t pursue it. Group three is usually the most miserable because they caught a glimpse of fulfillment and shied away. They will suffer the most regrets because they will know what they are missing. 

Just knowing your passion and purpose isn’t enough. You have to choose to be brave and pursue it. It might exhaust you some days. But it will be a good exhaustion. Like after a hard run on a gorgeous trail (that's flow), not an exhausting commute through hours of rush hour traffic (that's grind). 

So do you know your passion and purpose? If not, finding that is your life’s mission right now. Every day make an intentional step to figure it out. Experiment with different activities and see how you feel. Think back to what you loved as a child. Start therapy with someone who will hold a mirror up to you and honor your uniqueness. Hang around other people living their purpose.

If you know what you are meant to be doing but something is holding you back, then making daily progress towards that goal is your mission. You don’t have to quit your job and start your dream company today, but take at least one step. Volunteer. Join an incubator or support group. Take a hard look at what is holding you back and take off those chains one by one. Ask for help and accountability when you need it.

The world needs you to live your passion and purpose. Imagine if everyone lived that way. We’d all be creating and innovating, rather than feuding and making petty power grabs. 

So, right now, I want you to choose one step for today that gets you closer to your hustle and flow. Then do it. 

There is greatness inside you. Today, take one step closer to living it.

There is greatness inside you. Today, take one step closer to living it.