A Simple Morning Practice to Gain Control of Your Day- Dr. Charlynn Ruan

Do you feel like you are trying to climb up an avalanche? You cross one thing off your to-do list of responsibilities and ten more come tumbling down on top of you. You start the day with a plan and midway through you feel like your are putting out fires, multi-tasking like it is an Olympic sport, and getting more and more frazzled in the meantime. We want to have it all...just preferably not all at once, crashing down on our head!

Oh look, I found a picture of your dayplanner.

Oh look, I found a picture of your dayplanner.

So, how do regain control of this cyclone of a life? Getting to a place of peace and taking back control is long process and involves support and possibly some therapy. But, let me give you one thing you can do in the morning to make a great step in the direction of calm...

Set your intention for the day.

When you wake-up, don't grab your phone. Instead of checking your in-box, social media, or calendar...take 5 minutes to sit and breath, meditate, and create a small moment of peace. Then ask, "What is my intention for today?" Then write it down. Preferably in your journal or on a small card you can carry with you as a reminder. 


This is powerful for several reasons.

1. When you pick up that phone and start reacting to what is coming at you, you've already given up the driver's seat and you are in reaction mode. You aren't in control any more. You have about as much control as someone drinking from a fire hose.

2. You show your day who is boss. Seriously. Make it wait a little. You aren't scared that big bad day. You are the boss lady and your day better get on your schedule. This changes your mindset, your actions, and the way other interact with you. You have a very attitude and expectation when you interact with others. You verbal and nonverbal behaviors have a lot of power over the world around you.

3. You can refer back to that intention at night and make some pretty deep insights about whether you are living a life that really aligns with your authentic self and values. If your intention is, "Be joyful" and your job makes you cry, then time to do some tough re-evaluating and resume polishing. If it is, "treat myself and others with love" and you end up snarling at your family by the end of every long day, you may need to really up your self-care game or think about where to get more support.

This is a simple and powerful practice. Most good changes start out as small consistent steps that seem foolishly easy (I'm looking at you, Gratitude Practice) , but they are really harder and more powerful than we can imagine. Try it today and let me know how it goes. Take control, Boss Lady. This is your life to live.

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