Struggling to Find Your Purpose? Try a Little Daydreaming

Are you struggling to figure out the next steps of your life? No idea what you are called to do?

As kids, we spent a lot of time daydreaming about who we would become, where we'd live, and the adventures we'd have when we grew up. Anything seemed possible. But as adults, most of us have stopped that optimistic daydreaming. We instead let our inner critic run the show. That inner critic loves to tell you all the reasons something won't work and you lose your ability to visualize your own dreams. 

Much of our future reality starts with our thoughts, so no wonder so many people don't know their purpose in life. 

So, here is my challenge to you. If you are struggling to know your purpose or calling, take time each night to turn off the inner critic and visualize different possibilities. Really let your imagination run wild. Try on these possibilities like we did as kids playing dress-up. Imagine your surroundings, what you're wearing, conversations you'd have, people you'd meet. Really paint the scene for yourself.

This is a much better use of your imaginative energy than thinking of witty comebacks three days after someone insults you. Or mentally practicing the speech you are going to give your partner that will finally wow them into changing that one super annoying habit. 

Do this every night for a couple weeks. As you imagine different scenarios, pay attention to how you feel. If you feel excited and alive, you may be onto something. Follow that imagination path and see where it leads. Allow dreaming to take hold without criticism and see what happens. It may be the first step to finding your passion and pursuing something you wouldn't let yourself imagine was possible.